General Specifications:

Depth Capacity (altitude dependant)
with 12.5° chuck
B 56 mm 6,000 ft 1830 m
N 76 mm 5,000 ft 1525 m
H 96 mm 3,200 ft 980 m

Weights per module:
Feed frame: 581 kg
Head: 514 kg
Hydraulics(dry): 557 kg
Engine (185 hp wet): 609 kg

Drill Head:
JKS Boyles B20 drill head with 12 HH chuck, opening for up to HQ equipment
Gear ratio:
B20 head - 3:1 and 5,4:1 gear ratio
Drill head stroke is 1.83 m (6 ft).

JKS Boyles 12HH Hydraulic Chuck with 12.5 degree jaw
The chuck is spring closed and hydraulically opened.
Holding Capacity:
Gripping force: 11.840 kg,
12.5° jaws

Drill Heda Speeds and Torques:
With Parker V14 160-cc hydraulic motor at max pressure 310 bar( 4,500 PSI)
3:1 gear ratio RPM 1600 Torque 687 Nm (507 lbft)
5.4:1 gear ratio RPM 300 Torque 4.267 Nm (3,147 lbft)

Foot Clamp:
JKS Boyles – H Q rod holder
Gripping force: 11.840 kg,
Option: PQ rod holder available.

Diesel Caterpillar engine C6.6, 6-cylinder 185hp

Fully synchronized clamp and chuck with operation controlled by fast feed lever.
Head floats up and down for making and breaking rods
Three hydraulic pumps to maximize efficiency

Main Hydraulic Pump max pressure 310 bar (4,500 PSI):
Kawasaki variable displacement/load sensed pump. Controls rotation, fast feed and wireline

Secondary Hydraulic Pump max pressure 241 bar (3,500 PSI):
Eaton variable displacement/load sensed pump. Controls water.

Third Hydraulic Pump:
Eaton variable displacement/ pressure compensated pump. Controls the slow feed and mud mixer.

One Pall brand return filter
Three Pall brand pressure filters
Bypass alarm on all filters
Oil Cooling:
Water cooled shell and tube heat exchanger.

Feed Frame:
No plastic components on the feed frame, so it is wear-free.
Drill head runs on 12 heavy duty cam-roller bearings, which are easily replicable.
9,6 m (31.5 ft) aluminium mast extension.
Ladder along aluminium mast extension, to maintain sheave blocks at the top.

Drilling Angles from 22° to 90°
Mast raises and lowering: hydraulically.

Rod Tripping:
Rod tripping in and out of the hole is done in drill’s ROD TRIPPING MODE, whereby the drill had and the foot clamp work hydraulically sequenced. Rod tripping is secured by 2 hydraulic cylinders with: 17.252 kg (38,000 lbs) pull back force. With the ROD TRIPPING system one can get 360 m/hrs (1,200 ft/hrs) NQ rods in or out of the hole.

Wireline Winch:
Wireline winch with capacity 1.372 m (4500 ft) cable.
Option: Bigger wireline winch with level wind.


Small Hoist: 300 kg lifting force, used for heavy rod and core barrel lifting.
Fluid Pupm: nickel coated 142 lit/min, max pressure 100 bar.
Good for water and polymers.

Mud Pupm 435 (FMC): 132 lit/min, max pressure 69 bar.
Good for mud, water and polymers.

control panel
Control Panel

feed frame (207K)
Feed Frame and Power Pack

A5 Field Drill